Tips for Getting a Perfect Chinese Tattoo

2 Jul 2011

Tips for Getting a Perfect Chinese Tattoo
Chinese tattoo designs are complex patterns that are not easily comprehensible. To ensure you get your Chinese tattoo right, read this article that specifies useful instructions about getting Chinese tattoo inked.
Chinese tattoos are versatile designs that offer wide variety to the tattoo patrons. People opting for Chinese tattoo designs can go for Chinese letters, Chinese characters or even Chinese symbols that reflect Chinese art and culture. Unique in their style and holding powerful meanings, Chinese tattoos are gradually gaining immense popularity all across the globe, especially amongst women.
However, there are some important aspects that must be taken into consideration before going for a Chinese tattoo design. If you are planning for a Chinese tattoo, then consider following instructions:

1. Do some researches before you go to the tattoo parlor. Selecting a Chinese tattoo design needs some careful study and attention to ensure you get it right. This is very important because once inked, it will be there with you for a long time and hence you cannot afford to get something inapt.
Avoid picking up Kanji tattoo designs from tattoo parlors. Often the Kanji designs offered by these parlors have some or the other defects that are unnoticeable but make a lot of difference to its meaning. Some of the most common mistakes are missing strokes or mistranslated versions.

Go for meaningful Chinese tattoos that will be with you forever. It is always important to choose something that has lasting appeal and is not just a passing fad. Consider Chinese tattoo designs that reflect your personality.

Select the right tattoo artist. It is very important that you go to a tattoo artist who has sufficient experience in designing Chinese tattoos. Inexperienced tattoo artists often make blunders when they try to add their own flair to the design which only leads to defacing of Chinese characters and making them meaningless. Moreover, Chinese symbols can be written in different calligraphy style. Hence, it is very important that your artist is familiar with these styles to get it right.

Prefer getting a stencil outline of the proposed Chinese tattoo design. Usually every design has a matching stencil that is the exact version of that particular design. It contains black outlines of the design without any color or shadings. This helps the artist to ink the tattoo exactly the same as the proposed design. Hence, keep a print of your tattoo design as well as stencil outline when you go to your tattoo artist.

To be on the safer side, you can always take help of professional Chinese tattoos translation and Design service. Complexity of Chinese symbols and characters often lead to mis-presentations and so a Chinese translators service can be a good option. It will avoid all confusions that you may have about the Chinese tattoo patterns and its symbols.




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